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And here’s me, a normal person, disproving this “expert“‘s theories:

  1. "Jay Z and Beyoncé are completely distant, and their minds are on something else." — Um maybe on their cute ass daughter?
  2. "If she were really happy, her eyebrows would be lifted and her eyes would be more open." — Apparently we dictate how people should properly smile these days.
  3. "Their interest is more in their daughter." — Again, God forbid they’re actually interested in their child.
  4. "She’s blocking her stomach area … indicating a feeling of vulnerability." — Or maybe she’s catching her breath? She did just sing and dance for 15 minutes straight.
  5. "Her hips are angled away from her husband, indicating disassociation." — Oh, really?? -___-Click to view full size image
  6. "[Blue’s] hands are clasped in a prayer-like way… Maybe she’s praying her parents get back together." — Or maybe you’re looking at a still of her clapping.image

It’s actually quite pathetic how far the NY Post is reaching to convince people of a “divorce”. Like don’t you have real news to report on?

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